Freelance editor and self-publishing consultant

Jennifer top

On January 1, 2015, I launched TulipTree Publishing, LLC, and became editor in chief of TulipTree Review. In addition to enjoying my new publishing adventure, I continue to offer these services on a freelance basis.

B.A. in English, composition emphasis (1999)
Minor in Agricultural Sciences
Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri

I began my career in the publishing business in 1998 at the Thomas Jefferson University Press (now the Truman State University Press [TSUP]) as a copy editor and typesetter. I received my first referral for a freelancing job from my boss there, and after college I continued freelancing in editing and typesetting work for Master Teacher and Sunflower UP, both in Manhattan, Kansas.

After a stint in the mortgage business and at CSU, I worked as a technical editor for an engineering consulting firm in Fort Collins, Colorado while I continued to freelance for academic publishers such as Lynne Rienner and Paradigm Publishers in Boulder. I now freelance full-time for publishers (including Lynne Rienner and Perseus Books) and individual fiction and creative nonfiction writers and poets.

In 2008 I joined Northern Colorado Writers to work on my fiction-writing skills. As part of NCW, I compiled and edited their monthly newsletter for many years. I also coordinated their annual contest series from 2011 through 2015, acting as first-round screener for short fiction, personal essay, and poetry entries, and as editor and publisher of the winners’ anthology, Pooled Ink.

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